Here a Little, There a Little (Isaiah 28:10)

Why the average church person knows so little about the Bible

and  Why I am writing this blog

My mother died this year at the age of 92. She attended a well known denomination “religiously” for the past 60 years. My father was an elder in that which church I grew up in. Yet, when my mother died, probably the only verse of scripture she could quote would be John 3:16. That’s a good one to know if you have to cling to only one verse. But that had nothing to do with forgetfulness of age. The point is that even though both my father and mother dragged me kicking and screaming to church every time the door opened, attended thousands of worship services and Bible studies, they themselves could tell you very much about the Bible.

Why is that? There are three major reasons. First, most people believe the Bible is so intimidating it is impossible to understand (especially if you are trying to read King James Version). Secondly, the live of the average family is so hectic, their only understanding of scripture is taken from an occasional Bible study and Sunday morning service. Thirdly, pastors randomly preach and teach a variety of subjects which covers only a minute portion of what Christians need to know.

What would happen if a church could actually teach a systematic Bible study that was designed to teach the basic building blocks of who you are in Christ and then incorporate that theme to encompass every day life. There are some denominational Bible studies that begin to scratch that surface, but it takes them a while to get somewhere. The new convert classes I have taught consist of some more information of why we are saved by grace, why we have pray, why we have to read our Bible and why it’s important to get involved in church and why we should tell our neighbors about Christ. We’ve got to have a more relevant and substantial study to meet the needs of life. We have to get more in depth.

We need another approach.

I am writing this blog to new and old Christians alike who want to know more about the fact that they are new creatures in Christ. Second Corinthians 5:17 tells us that we are new creatures in Christ – Kainos Ktisis. That Greek word “kainos” is a very special word that denotes that you are not new in terms of time like the latest car model or computer chip; but new in quality. In other words, new in the fact that you are reshaped, remodeled and re-manufactured into something so unique the world hasn’t even thought of you and satan doesn’t know what to do with you. Has anyone ever told you that as a new Christian? When I got saved many years ago, and even when I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and even when I accepted a call to ministry, I had no idea that happened to me. I am a new creature, I am “Kainos Ktisis.”

Some coming building blocks will be a chart on what I call “Phases of Faith,” that explains the differences between an unsaved person, a carnal Christian and a spiritual Christian and why people don’t grow as they should. Another building block is the assurance of the believer tentatively called “God’s protection Racket: God identifies and protects what is His.” Later, I’m going to dispel some church myths and tradition. “When the Legend Becomes Fact Print the Legend” is about the real birth of our Lord Jesus Christ in relation to the coming fall feasts, the actual sequence of events of Passover and the death of our Lord Here a little there a little I’ll throw in some Hebrew and Greek word meanings to keep it interesting.

Primarily, I want to serve up a piece of steak to the maturing Christian in this blog that will help you grow in Christ putting enough pieces together, line upon line, and precept upon precept.

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