Resources For Learning


Everyone needs a good study Bible!  You need one for study, reference and comparison.  Anything but the old King James (sorry).

New American Standard

New King James

Hebrew Greek Key Study Bible

The Message Bible

Young’s Literal Translation


Basic Reference Books (In Progress)

Everyone needs a few basic reference books.  Especially a student needs basic guide to Greek and Hebrew, theology and doctrine.  These are in progress as a find something helpful.

Word Studies in the Greek New Testament, Kenneth Wuest

Chosen But Free, Norman Geisler

Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, Alfred Edelsheim

Basic Christian Doctrines, F.F. Henry

The Expanded Vines


Web Sites

 These are websites for basic Bible study.

Internet Archive.     Has thousands of reference books for your free use

Journal of Biblical Literature.  Current thought and ideas on Scripture from around the world

Biblical Archeology.  A journal and website on the latest discoveries

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.  How to respond to people who do not understand the Bible

Ravi Zacharias.  Christian apologetics

Answers in Genesis.   Answers from science about the Bible

Christianity Today.  Current thoughts and trends in the Christian world

Free Audio Sermons.  Free Audio Sermons on various topics and authors online


Bible Helps

Cross Wire.  Online Bible translations and helps

Bible Hub.  The best set of online Bible translations and helps


Political and Cultural Stuff

First Principles.  Getting back to basics in life

Conservative Review.  Best newer blogs on conservative topics

Hillsdale College.    Must take the free course on the constitution

EDX.  This is the best website for audit courses from the best schools around the world

PC Watch.    A blog dedicated to the insanity of being politically correct

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